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Welcome to the PTO



Hello GCMS Parents & Guardians!

We are the GCMS PTO Board and we're excited to introduce ourselves to GCMS's incoming 5th-grade families! 

We are equally excited to get more engaged than ever before with the families of our returning 6-8th graders!

In case you weren't aware, all GCMS parents & guardians are automatically members of the PTO. We welcome everyone and we invite everyone to participate in making Kromrey the best learning community it can be for our approximately 1,200 children. We are passionate about helping children grow and learn; their enthusiasm and energy motivate us to help each of them strive for their unique greatness.  

Our role on the PTO Board is to serve you, serve our teachers, and partner with Glacier Creek's administrators to fulfill our mission of "promoting open communication and understanding between parents and staff, and provide resources to support the school in offering outstanding curricular and enrichment opportunities for our students."

While our mission remains unchanged from prior years, the online learning platform presents us with new challenges and new opportunities to rethink our tactics. For example, every semester the PTO sponsors a "Teacher Appreciation Day". Normally we provide a pot luck meal to teachers as they conduct parent/teacher conferences late into the evening. For 2020/21, those conferences will likely be remote via Zoom. Therefore, we must become more creative and find new ways to show our gratitude to our teachers who are working tirelessly to provide the best possible online learning environment for our children.

In the category of new opportunities, we've all experienced the power of Zoom to enable an unlimited number of people to attend meetings that were previously constrained to only in-person attendance. A recent example is an opportunity for everyone to join the District's School Board meetings to see and hear first hand the School Board's decision-making process. GCMS's principal and our PTO Board both see the power in that type of broad-based communication and we're exploring ways to engage the GCMS community in ways that weren't possible before. We invite you to join us on our own journey of learning how to best leverage these tools and technologies to accomplish our mission. Much more to come!

In closing, we say again "Welcome to new families!" We're excited to engage you in building our GCMS community.

"Welcome back to returning families!" We're committed to serving you better every year.

"Welcome back to GCMS teachers!" We applaud you for transforming GCMS's exceptional learning environment from in-person to online classrooms.

All the best,

Your GCMS PTO Board

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All donations are welcome via the Donation Page or by check sent to Kromrey Middle School. 

Thank you! 

Visit the *NEW* Gratitude Corner page on this website! We hope to hear your stories!

PTO will share info via its subscriber list, PTO emails, GCMS Enews and Facebook. 

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