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The Mission of the Glacier Creek PTO is to enhance the academic and extracurricular experience for the students and staff of Glacier Creek Middle School.  We raise funds for events, activities, or items that offer academic or extracurricular enrichment, organize staff appreciation efforts on behalf of the parent community, and work with the GCMS Admin team to provide assistance where needed.  

Core PTO Initiatives

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School Enrichment Grants

The PTO supports opportunities to enhance the learning experience for all students. Teachers may submit funding requests to supplement their curricula or an after school activity they are advising. 

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Playground Expansion Project

Glacier Creek is embarking on a mission to expand our playground to provide new and extended recess play options for all students.  The PTO has started a capital campaign, the Sabercat Fund for Outdoor Fun, to raise expansion funds.


Staff Appreciation

Supporting others is easier to do when we feel supported ourselves.  It is for this reason that we feel it is important to support and appreciate our school staff on a regular basis.



We are hoping to plan more evening events for GCMS this year to bring the community together.  Stay tuned!

How to be connected

All donations are welcome via the Donation Page or by check sent to Glacier Creek Middle School. Thank you! 

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