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School Enrichment Grants

One of the biggest initiatives of our PTO is grants submitted by GCMS staff for school enrichment opportunities not funded by the school or district.  Grants can be submitted by any staff member.  We look for grants that serve large groups of students or staff members and that enrich the experience of the school day.  

Staff members are asked to submit grant requests via our Request FORM.  The PTO Board members discuss and decide upon grant requests at monthly meetings.

If you are interested in donating specifically to initiatives like these at GCMS, please go to our School Enrichment Grant Funding Page.

Grants Awarded in 2023-2024 

Solar Eclipse Glasses for the 8th Graders

This Spring's near full solar eclipse fell conveniently during the 8th grade space unit.  Teachers requested solar eclipse glasses to safely view this event to enhance their curriculum. 

Equipment for GCMS's new Jumpstart Strenth and Conditioning Course

Coach LaRon Ragsdale and Coach Kaitlyn Rabel have started a new afterschool program designed to help students learn strength and conditioning skills.  The PTO funded a purchase of equipment for the program including dumbbells, plates, plyo boxes, resistance bands, rings, and slam balls.  We hope to see this program flourish now and for many years to come.   

Paint and thrifted items to update the staff lounge in the 5th Grade wing 

Before the Lounge Refresh


Roland Cube Stage Monitor.webp

3 Cube Speakers for Band and Orchestra

Thanks to the generosity of Heid Music, one speaker was donated to our music department, while the other two were purchased by the PTO.

CICO tee.png

Glacier Creek Spiritwear for Staff Mentors and Student Graduates of the Check-In Check-Out Program

The Check-In Check-Out program is one of Glacier Creek's SEL (Social Emotional Learning) programs.  It provides students with additional daily check-ins with an adult in the building, extra positive reinforcement throughout their day, and more communication with their parent(s)/guardian(s) around how they are doing behaviorally and academically in the building. It helps teach students skills for them to find success in and out of the classroom. In order for this program to be successful, we ask for staff volunteers to be mentors for students - giving their time before and after school to provide students with additional check-ins, daily goal setting, and end-of-day debriefing.  If students graduate from the Check-In Check-Out program they are also able to choose a shirt or hat as well to reinforce the positive behavior we are seeing from them at school. 

CICO Beanie.png

DVDs of "The Greatest Showman"

GCMS 7th Grade Staff received 5 copies of the movie, The Greatest Showman.  The movie was shown in celebration of National Unity Day on October 18, 2023.

Greatest Showman.webp
Atlas img.jpg

Set of 12 National Geographic Atlases for 6th Grade Social Studies

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